Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 18

Ho Chi Minh City - Melbourne Alarm wakes me up. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. One, it means that I was actually asleep, and two, I still had the ability to actually wake up. So, how do I feel? I feel woeful. Absolutely woeful. I’d given up on hopefully feeling better, but I … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 18

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 17

Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City The alarm goes off. It’s loud. But things are always loud at 4.30am. My early morning, fuzzy brain, slowly begins to kick in. First realisation; I feel like crap. I feel like absolute crap! My wish from the night before has not come true. I now feel worse. Significantly … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 17

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 16

Hanoi Woke up. Good start! It’s always nice to wake up….. Felt……, well…., good…..ish….. Which surprised me. But, then……. Laying in bed, and my stomach starts gurgling. “Sounds like a party is going on in your stomach!”, Lisa says, in a slightly upbeat way, that just…… Well, you know, it just….. It certainly wasn’t a … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 16

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 15

Hanoi Well, the ‘coming good’, didn’t happen. The night’s sleep, unfortunately, didn’t really include a great deal of it. And now, in the cold hard light of day, the hope that it was a 24 hour thing, had gone down the toilet. Which is kind of ironic, seeing as where I spent a bit of … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 15

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 14

Hanoi Up reasonably early, and feeling reasonably okay. But not great. I consider the possibility of sitting over the road with a bowl of pho, but feeling a little so so, I decide I need something a little more substantial. Less liquid-y, I guess. Maybe tomorrow…… So anyway, back to the routine of breakfast on … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 14

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 13

  Hanoi No real sleep in today, but not up that early, either. That plan for the day? Ticking off another thing from my list. Well, a couple of things, actually. West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. As well as that downed B52 bomber in another lake. But first, breakfast on our balcony. Which, strangely, … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 13

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 11

Pu Luong - Ninh Binh - Hanoi   Up early. Again….. But that’s alright. Sort of….. Everyone else seems to be up anyway, so why shouldn’t we. I’m feeling alright, not 100%, but nothing that’s going to stop me doing anything. Laying in bed, I grab the camera to look at some of our photos. … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 11