Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 9

Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Pu Luong Nature Reserve Up early. Again….. But this morning made yesterday feel like a sleep-in. This time, we were up before 5.00am! They say nothing good happens after 2.00am.  Well, I reckon nothing good happens before 5.00am! I didn’t even have the kids here to act all bubbly in … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 9

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 8

Quy Nhon - Hanoi Up early. Seems to be a recurring theme….. We had been up during the night, though. Some time just after 1.00am, to be precise. No, it wasn’t another dodgy pho, or any other food, for that matter.  Not even too much beer! It was music.  Very loud music And not very … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 8

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 7

Quy Nhon   Up, and feeling, probably better than what I thought I might. Fortunately, the sudden exiting of the pho was a one off.  I’d half expected to endure several repeat performances during the night. Although, we did have a little bit of a disturbed night. Being a very local hotel, and Quy Nhon … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 7

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 6

Quy Nhon   Up early, but not overly early.  We’re on holidays, remember. Normally I would roll out of bed, but that would require a bed that was conducive to that. Seeing as that wasn’t the case, this morning I rolled ‘off’ the bed. Ahhh, those ceramic floor tiles feel soft! Just joking. Sort of…. … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 6

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 3

Ho Chi Minh City Up nice and early……umm no…… More like…… Awake….., nice and early. But not through choice. That was one of the things that reminded me that we were back in Vietnam.  Yep, it really ain’t a quiet country. Well, not in the morning….. And the other thing that reminded me was my … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 3