Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 26

Sunday 2 October - Hanoi Eyes open. It’s close to, but not yet 7.00am. It ain’t happening. A little more dozing, maybe even a few minutes of extra sleep achieved, but a nagging thought that we’ll miss breakfast is enough to make me make a move around 8.00am, even though I don’t really want to. … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 26

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 25

Saturday 1 October - Hanoi Awake, this time before 7.00am. Two things I know; I ain’t getting up, and yep, I really wasn’t that smart last night. Eyes closed again, and mere minutes later, or that’s what it felt like, the alarm rudely does its job at 7.50am. I needed the extra sleep, and could … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 25

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 21

Tuesday 27 September - Hanoi 7.00am, eyes open. Yeah, not a chance that that is happening. Lay there, doze, lay there, before making an effort just after 8.00am. I feel okay, but at the same time, there is an element of tiredness, and a general feeling of flatness.  It didn’t feel like we did a … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 21

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 20

Monday 26 September - Hanoi Awake at 7.00am. Nup, not happening. Doze for an hour listening to the usual noises of Vietnam; cars and bikes, and their horns, as well as voices. Eventually make the effort to become vertical, and we’re downstairs around 8.30am where we meet up with Kerstin again. She doesn’t really have … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 20

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 13

19 september - hanoi Awake at 5.00am.  That is most definitely not going to happen. But true sleep never returns, and instead, it’s just of the dozing variety. I just feel wrecked and my neck hurts.  Both those things are probably a result of last night.  First, the late night, which I really need to … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 13

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 12

18 september - hanoi Up just before 8.00am, and having turned the air conditioner off, the room is pretty warm.  But the feel of it, on the other hand, is still rather frosty. Oh well….. Out around 8.30am, and my goal is to find breakfast; hopefully a banh mi opla, or similar. Not for me, … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 12

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 11

17 september - hue - hanoi Eyes open, time checked.  It’s 5.45am. Good, plenty more time to sleep. Five minutes later, it’s 8.00am. Obviously needed it. Into the upright position, and make a start on that packing thing, which, because we’d had laundry done yesterday, was quicker and easier than it usually is. Downstairs, and … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 11

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 35

9 October - Hanoi The alarm was set for 6.45am. However it’s 5.30am, and my eyes are open. That’s actually good, as I can roll over and sleep for another hour. But it doesn’t happen, and it ends up being an hour of just laying there, listening to the sounds of Hanoi waking up. As … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 35

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 32

6 October - Hanoi   Wake up about 8.45am. The good news? I actually feel pretty good. Although I did have some really strange dreams during the night. Of course I can’t remember them, but yeah, they were definitely weird. The same thing happened in Can Gio, so apart from beer, there’s only one other … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 32

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 31

 5 October - Hanoi   Awake a bit after 8.00am.  A small sleep in, and, as an added bonus, I feel good. Well, I do for about 15 minutes, when the urge to use the toilet becomes a priority. Back to feeling closer to good, we head over to the balcony around 9.00am.  It’s been … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 31