Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 9

10 October - Meo Vac - Ba Be Lake Up fairly early and downstairs to meet Toan by 7.00am for breakfast. Noticing banh mi in the list of options on the breakfast menu, and not having had a banh mi for a while, that becomes the obvious choice. So, banh mi opla (egg) duly ordered. … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 9

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 8

9 October 2017 - Yen Minh - Meo Vac Up early. Well, awake early. 3.30am, to be precise. Another bloody rooster. They’re quickly becoming my least favourite animal…. Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep. Well, until 5.30am, when some Vietnamese tourists who were also staying in the hotel decided that seeing as … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 8

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 7

8 October 2017 - Vinh Quang - Yen Minh My laundry drying skills have paid off.  Everything is dry. Lisa would be proud! Even got myself completely organised by packing up before meeting Toan downstairs by 7.00am. Must be getting good at this…. Grabbed the, now empty beer bottles, before I left, as apparently the … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 7

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 6

7 October 2017 - Bac Ha - Vinh Quang I’m woken by a rooster. That’s ok, kind of expected that, being out in the countryside and all. But it’s still dark.  Very dark, in fact. I check the time. It’s 3.00am!!!!!!!! Now, I’m not normally a breakfast person.  More than happy with just a coffee … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 6

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 5

6 October 2017 - Tu Le - Bac Ha Up about 6.00am. I must have been tired, because I slept alright.  And being able to sleep alright on that bed was certainly an achievement. Hard? Ooooh yeah! At least now I know what to expect should I find myself on a mortuary slab…. Downstairs by … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 5

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 4

5 October 2017 - Hanoi - Tu Le Up reasonably early again, but not quite bouncing out of bed.  Long days and late nights will kind of put a dampener on the amount of bouncing achievable…. Downstairs and out into the still fairly quiet streets of Hanoi to do something I should have done yesterday; … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 4

Vietnam 2014 – Trip Report #7

These reports are from our very first trip to Vietnam in September 2014, so therefore prior to the previous trip reports!  Originally posted on TripAdvisor, this is trip report #7... 6 - 8 October 2014 Arrived in Ninh Binh around 6.00pm just as it was getting dark. My initial opinion on the town, actually…., city, … Continue reading Vietnam 2014 – Trip Report #7

Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 11

Pu Luong - Ninh Binh - Hanoi   Up early. Again….. But that’s alright. Sort of….. Everyone else seems to be up anyway, so why shouldn’t we. I’m feeling alright, not 100%, but nothing that’s going to stop me doing anything. Laying in bed, I grab the camera to look at some of our photos. … Continue reading Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 11