Vietnam 2022 – The Planning

It's finally happening again! 2022 arrived, and while Covid lockdowns appeared, hopefully, to be a thing of the past, the new year didn’t feel that much different to the previous two. Overseas travel not only still seemed an impossibility, but it also felt like it would be that way for significant time to come. Vietnam … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – The Planning

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 10

14 September - Phnom Penh - Chau Doc (Vietnam) Wake up around the time the sun comes up, and as that happens, the usual street sounds can be heard.  Tuk tuks, bikes, cars, horns, and even some guy giving his angle grinder an early work out. And then there was the kind and considerate person … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 10

Vietnam Visas – How to….

*NOTE - 26 July 2022 - Since Vietnam re-opened in March 2022 following the Covid closure, VOA (Visa on Arrival) has not been reinstated as a way to obtain a visa to Vietnam. As at July 2022, Vietnamese Embassies / consulates around the world are also not currently issuing tourist visas. The ONLY way, at … Continue reading Vietnam Visas – How to….