Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 2

6 September - Kuala Lumpur - Siem Reap As scheduled, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 4.30am.  Landing on time is always a good thing when it’s a relatively short stopover. And the sleep thing? Actually managed to get a fair bit, which was nice. Maybe it was because there was a vacant seat between … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 2

Vietnam Visas – How to….

So, do you need one? Short answer – Probably. Longer answer – Probably, but maybe not. So, which is it? And if that’s not confusing enough, if you do need a visa, where are you going to get it from? Yep, even that isn’t as straight forward as you’d think it would be. Oh well, … Continue reading Vietnam Visas – How to….

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 2

3 October 2017 - Kuala Lumpur - Ho Chi Minh City Ended up being the best kind of flight; an uneventful one. Did actually manage to get some sleep, but please note the word ‘some’.  And in this case, ‘some’ means a little. Oh well, don’t ever really expect to get any, so any that … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 2

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 1

2 October 2017 - Melbourne Three years ago to the day, on our very first trip to Vietnam, we were in Hue. We’d spent time in HCMC, the Mekong, Nha Trang, and we’d just come up from Hoi An. And at that point, we still hadn’t seen Hanoi.  Along with a few other places. Three … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 1