Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 3

9 SEPTEMBER – HO CHI MINH CITY Awake a bit after 7.30am, and apart from a feeling of lethargy, which can be dealt with by simply getting up and moving, I feel alright. Force Lisa to also do the getting up thing, and we’re out into a well awake Saigon, a little after 8.00am. Disappear … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 3

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 18

22 September - Soc Trang - Saigon Awake around 7.00am, and I feel good.  Well, health wise good, but not overly good knowing that we have one of those dreaded goodbyes that needs to be done, this morning. Not to mention that five hour bus trip, as well….. And just like the night before, I … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 18

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 2

3 October 2017 - Kuala Lumpur - Ho Chi Minh City Ended up being the best kind of flight; an uneventful one. Did actually manage to get some sleep, but please note the word ‘some’.  And in this case, ‘some’ means a little. Oh well, don’t ever really expect to get any, so any that … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 2