Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 24

Friday 30 September - Hanoi Eyes open. Time check. Sigh…… 7.00am.  Again. That same old, same old routine.  Seems I’m stuck with it. The world does not need me yet, so the urge to get up is resisted, which not surprisingly, is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. 8.00am is reached, with some … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 24

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 23

Thursday 29 September - Hanoi The routine continues.  Eyes open just after 7.00am, and as much as I’d like to bounce out of bed and meet the day head on, I’m just not the bouncing, morning type of person. More sleep is attempted, but not achieved, and it’s merely light dozing. 8.30am arrives, and probably … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 23

Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 22

Wednesday 28 September - Hanoi Just after 7.00am, eyes open.  It’s becoming a routine, and one that I’m really not that interested in, nor overly happy with. It’s light, which is good, as it was a very dark night without power.  Thankfully the phone designers of the world thought to put a torch into the … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 22