Vietnam 2016 – Trip Report 17a

Waiting for take-off

This is an attachment to the original, Trip Report 17.

It’s the bit that I wrote while sitting on the plane waiting for boarding to be completed.

Feeling far less than average, my tolerance levels weren’t terribly high.

A touch of self pity; in that not believing that this trip was finishing with me feeling as bad as I did; may have had a little bit to do with the way it’s written.

But, it was the way I felt at the time.


Thursday May 26, Noi Bai domestic terminal, Hanoi.

Vietnam Airlines flight travelling Hanoi to HCMC. Departure time – 7.00am

6.45am –

We’ve found our way to our seats; 28B and 28C. The emergency exit door, row.

I’ll preface this by saying that I always find it fascinating sitting on a plane, watching all the other passengers getting themselves organised, prior to take off.

And when I say fascinating, you could easily replace that word with amazement, surprise, frustration, annoyance, disbelief, and probably several other words that I can’t think of at the moment.

Yep, I’m continually amazed at how long it takes people to find their seat, put their carry on luggage in the lockers overhead, and then finally sit down.

It really shouldn’t take that long, and judging by the looks on the flight attendant’s faces, they are of the same opinion.

I have much sympathy for them.

So, these were my feelings and observations at the time.

There may have been one or two small edits to what I wrote, but that was just to protect the truly dumb, selfish and / or ignorant.

We’ve already done the ‘queuing’ at security this morning, and as I’ve said before, the Vietnamese don’t do queuing terribly well.

And that’s in general; not just at airports.

But that’s okay, that’s part of them; their culture, if you like. I’m a guest in their country, and that’s something that I’m more than willing to accept, and deal with.

So, sitting here now, watching the usual ‘luggage stuffing’.

Same old, same old…..

But now, it’s the couple with the two kids that have just walked all the way down to the back of the plane; row 36, or something; only to turn around and push their way back to their correct seat, in row 18.

Yep, row 18.

How does that happen….????

Or the bloke that is now shoving his bag, with considerable force I might add, into the locker with no regard to the soft bag belonging to someone else, that is already there.

But wait, he has another bag to put in there.

Seriously, if he pushes it any harder, he’ll push the bloody thing through the wall of the plane.

This will be the same bloke that would push a kid out of his way, to get off the plane first, if the plane gets into trouble.

I’m sure, in his eyes, he is the only person on this plane at the moment.

I’m struggling to work it out.

I really love the Vietnamese. They’re kind, friendly, generous, and genuinely interested in you, if you give them the opportunity.

It’s one of the reasons I desperately wanted to visit Vietnam again; for the interactions with the locals.

But these ones?

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me…..

Maybe it’s just that I’m so tired.

Maybe it’s because I just feel so crap.

Maybe it’s because the young mother sitting behind me is allowing her young child to continually kick the back of my seat.

I don’t even have the energy to turn around and make my displeasure known.

And even if I did, I don’t want to make a scene.

Aaaaargh……, it’s been a long day already, and it’s only just begun……



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