Preston Football Club – 1941 Team Photo

1941 Team photo copy

The 1941 photo, courtesy of Australian Sports Museum

Back Row: Jack Clarke, Bill Spokes^, Bill Lowenthal, Jack Norman^, Stan Dawson^, Bill Seedsman^, Jack Lynch, Fred Beaumont

Middle Row: Bert Minney, Colin Boyd^, Frank Dowling, Bill Maslen, Norm Matthews, Jack Connelly^

Front Row: Bert Deacon, Charlie Stewart, Les Ross, Clarrie Curyer^

Jack Connelly^ – Updated September 2021. See below.

Bill Spokes^ – Updated June 2021. See below.

Stan Dawson^ – Updated June 2021. See below.

Colin Boyd^ – Updated June 2021. See below.

Clarrie Curyer^ – Updated June 2021. See below.

Jack Norman^ – Updated April 2021. See below.

Bill Seedsman^ – Updated April / May 2021. See below.

Note : Identifications are made from information / photos that I’ve been able to find, and as always, happy to be corrected on any errors. Also happy to hear of any new identifications.

Story, with more details, of how this all came about, can be found here –

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Players of Round 5, 10 May, 1941 –*

Update June 2021* –

A chance discovery has made me realise that this photo was not taken during Round 5. It appears to have been taken at Coburg, and is likely the Round 20 game.

Game Details – The VFA Project

Updated players can be found below.

And a more in depth post about how this correction came about, can be found here.

Players of Round 20, 6 September, 1941 –

Jack Clarke – Back row, far left. (Based on remaining unidentified players, height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Bill Lowenthal – Back row, third from left 

Photo from Essendon days (Front row, fourth from right) –

Michael Riley’s post on Big Footy –

1936 Fitzroy photo linked to in Big Footy post (Back row, second from right) –

Bill Seedsman – 19-9-1914 – 10-10-2001. 183cms. Back row, fourth from left*.

Update April / May, 2021* –

With the new information on the Norman brothers (Ingy and Jack), as well as a re-evaluation of a couple of photos, I now believe I have found Seedsman. (initially had him confused with Rex Job) He, like Jack Norman, should be in both 1939 photos, as well as the 1940 and 1941 photos. He could also be in the 1945 photo.

He played for Kew in the 1935 sub-district league Grand Final, which is discussed here –

H2008.122/65 -Kew
1935 Kew Team Photo, courtesy of Boyles Football Photos

In the above 1935 Kew photo, I believe Bill Seedsman is back row, sixth from left. (peering out from behind)

From Kew to Preston –

Back row, third from right.

Jack Norman – 188cms. Played Ruck. B&F 1941. Fitzroy 1938 – 1 game.,_Jack.php

Update April, 2021 –

Based on the new information found, detailed in both 1939 photos, Jack will be in both 1939 photos, as well as the 1940 and 1941 photos.

He could also be in the 1945 photo, and after seeing a 1935 East Brunswick team photo, I believe he is in all of them.


1935 East Brunswick team photo, courtesy Australian Sports Museum.

Front row, far right (seated), I believe is likely to be Jack Norman.

1945 Preston blog photo copy

1945 Preston team photo, courtesy Boyles Football Photos.

Back row, third from right, I believe is Jack Norman.

Therefore, based on the new information found, my belief is –

Back row, fourth from left.

J. T. (Jack) Lynch – 9-8-1918 – 8-9-1944. 185cms. Played Full Forward / Ruck. Preston 1941. Geelong 1939-40 25 games. Died in a car accident while on active service in WW2. Back row, second from right.

Trove article with photo –

NT photo –

Fred Beaumont – Preston 1939-41. Brunswick 1935 & 1938. Wing / Centre. Back row, far right.

Photo from Brunswick (middle row, far left) –

Bert Minney – 7-1-1914 – 20-5-1999. 178cms. Preston 1940-41, 1945. Fitzroy 1938-39.

Middle row, far left

Fitzroy 1938 team photo –

Trove article with team photo –

Frank Dowling – Middle row, third from left

Bill Maslen – Middle row, third from right,_Bill_’Socks’.php

Norm Matthews – 30-8-1915 – 30-12-1985. 174cms. Preston 1941. Port Melbourne 1946 (8 games). Melbourne 1935, 1942-44 (15). South Melbourne 1938-40 (28) Played wing.

1940 Sth Melb team photo –

Late 1950s past players photo –

Middle row, second from right

Ron Leishman – Preston 1941, 1946-50. B&F 1947. Box Hill 1951. Follower / Fullback.

Believe middle row, far right.  If not, then front row, far right.

Update 7 September, 2021 –

I was lucky enough to ‘find’ Ron Leishman’s daughter on Facebook, and she confirmed that Ron is not actually in the 1941 Preston photo.

This means that the person I believed to be Ron Leishman, is in fact likely to be Jack Connelly (see Connelly below).

Named 19th man, and not in photo.

Bert Deacon – 8-11-1922 – 3-1-1974. 180cms. Preston 1940-41, 1945, 1952-53. Carlton 1942-51.

Front row, far left.

Charlie Stewart – c-1910. Preston 1941, 1946-51. Played Wing. Captain 1950. Coach 1963-64 with premiership in Division 2 in 1963.,_born_c._1910)

1963 Premiership photo –

Second front row, fourth from right. (holding football)

Head shot from a 1940 (rep team?) team photo, along with a spiel on Charlie –

Photo from 1990, with Harold Martin –

Front row, second from left.

Les Ross – Front row, second from right. (Based on height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Coached Parkside Amateurs in the VAFA and should be in this 1954 Premiership photo (not sure who he is) – 

Front row, second from right.

Update June, 2021 –

A more in depth post about how this update came about, can be found here.

Colin Boyd – Preston 1941, 1945. Brunswick 1934-41. Follower.

Brunswick team photo, which I believe is from 1936 –

Colin’s son, who I have ‘spoken’ to on Facebook, has also confirmed his position in the photo.

Middle row, second from left.

Jack Connelly – 4-8-1918 – 10-8-2006. 179cms. Preston 1941, 1945-49. St Kilda 1942-44 (28). Carlton seconds 1940.

Carlton 1940 team photo, which he should be in –

St Kilda won the Seconds Premierships in 1942 and 1943.

One of 25 named for the 1942 GF –

As yet, I’ve not been able to find a photo of Connelly.  I’ve also been unable to find a newspaper match report stating who, if anyone, was replaced during the game.  My best guess, based on that, as well as who else has been identified, is that Connelly is not in this photo.

Update 7 September, 2021 –

Having ‘met’ Ron Leishman’s daughter on Facebook, and with her confirming that Ron was not actually in the 1941 photo, along with my belief on Bill Spokes (see below), it left Middle row, far right, as the last remaining unidentified player.

It therefore should be Jack Connelly, and while the quality of the 1940 Carlton seconds photo is impacting a confirmation, there is a possible match in there.

Middle row, far right.

Clarrie Curyer – 11-12-1912 – 29-6-2003. 177cms. Preston 1941. St Kilda 1935-41. Norwood 1932-33.

1940 St Kilda team photo –

Front row, far right.

Stan Dawson – 12-8-1917 – 25-12-1973. 179cms. Preston 1941, 1945(1). Collingwood 1938-41. Fitzroy 1943-46. (inc 1944 premiership)

Collingwood –

Fitzroy 1945 –

Back row, fourth from right.

Bill Spokes,_W._’Bill’.php

Even though the VFA Project only lists Spokes as playing a handful of games up till Round 10, 1941, it seems he did play a few more.

Spokes was actually 19th man the week before (Round 19) –

5-9-41 – Listed as an emergency, along with Stewart and Leishman –

Match report, including naming of Stokes? Spokes???, with Leishman as 19th man –

Team selected for semi final, saying Spokes has been replaced –

1943 Fitzroy Senior Group team photo, and 1944 Fitzroy seconds Premiership team photo –

1939 Williamstown premiership photo (second front row, far right) –

Back row, second from left.

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