Preston Football Club – Part 4

1941 Photo - A realisation I’ve talked about light bulb moments before.  They’re both surprising and exciting. But sometimes they can be disappointing, as well as just a little scary. And such was the case with a photo I found, that I wasn’t even looking for. It was this one, from the State Library Victoria … Continue reading Preston Football Club – Part 4

Preston Football Club – Part 3

Team photos - update   Part 1, can be found here Part 2, here   Assumptions. They’re easy to make. As well as easy to justify. But, that doesn’t mean you should make them. You’ll see why later. So, the photos were put out there, and as feared, but not terribly surprising, I didn’t get … Continue reading Preston Football Club – Part 3

Preston Football Club – 1941 Team Photo

The 1941 photo, courtesy of Australian Sports Museum Back Row: Jack Clarke, Bill Spokes^, Bill Lowenthal, Jack Norman^, Stan Dawson^, Bill Seedsman^, Jack Lynch, Fred Beaumont Middle Row: Bert Minney, Colin Boyd^, Frank Dowling, Bill Maslen, Norm Matthews, Jack Connelly^ Front Row: Bert Deacon, Charlie Stewart, Les Ross, Clarrie Curyer^ Jack Connelly^ - Updated September 2021. … Continue reading Preston Football Club – 1941 Team Photo