Preston Football Club – 1939 Team Photo (taken at Prahran)

1939 Preston blog photo (boyles) copy

The 1939 photo (taken at Prahran), courtesy of Boyles Football Photos

Back Row: Rex Job, Joe Beagley, Alf Roach, Bill Seedsman, Arthur Sleith, Bill Lowenthal

Middle Row: Jack Robertson*, Jack Clarke, Unknown, Alby Morrison (c), Unknown, Unknown

Front Row: Ernie Dunham*, Les Ross, Wally Miller, Frank Dowling, George Colbane, Phil Dunstone

Jack Robertson* – Identification made on him being one of two (other is Dunham) unidentified players who were only in both 1939 photos.

Ernie Dunham* – Like Robertson. See links below.

Note : Identifications are made from information / photos that I’ve been able to find, and as always, happy to be corrected on any errors. Also happy to hear of any new identifications.

Story, with more details, of how this all came about, can be found here –

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Players of Round 13, 8 July, 1939 –

Game Details – The VFA Project

Rex Job –Back row, far left.

Joe Beagley – Back row, second from left

1940 Coburg photo –

1941 GF photo –

Alf Roach – Back row, third from left

Bill Seedsman – 19-9-1914 – 10-10-2001. 183cms. Back row, third from right.  (Based on him being the only one in both 1939 photos, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Arthur Sleith – Back row, second from right

Bill Lowenthal – Back row, far right 

Photo from Essendon days (Front row, fourth from right) –

Michael Riley’s post on Big Footy –

1936 Fitzroy photo linked to in Big Footy post (Back row, second from right) –

Jack Robertson – Played mainly HFF/HBF and pockets. Middle row, far left.  Was 19th man, but replaced Ken Watkins who broke his collarbone.

Jack Clarke – Middle row, second from left. (Based on remaining unidentified players, height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Alby Morrison – Middle row, third from right

Representative side in 1929 –

Ernie Dunham – Played mostly Wing and Forward Pocket. Front row, far left.

Noted on VFA Project as F. Dunham, but found a reference to Ernie Dunham in ‘A history of Preston Football Club’, by Marc Fiddian.

Newspaper articles with photos –

Les Ross – Front row, far left. (Based on height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Coached Parkside Amateurs in the VAFA and should be in this 1954 Premiership photo (not sure who he is) – 

Wally Miller – Front row, third from left

Frank Dowling – Front row, second from left

George Colbane – Middle row, far right. (Based on being the only one who is only in the 1938 and 1939 Prahran photo)

Phil Dunstone – Front row, far right. (Based on height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Only photo found –

Other players selected for R13, 1939 –

Ingy (Ingwald) Norman – 185cms.

1938 Brunswick photo (I. Norman) –

Des Hanscombe – Back Pocket player. Will only be in 1939 Prahran photo.

Mentioned as G. Hanscombe –

T. White – Played as Rover, Forward Pocket and wing. Will only be in 1939 Prahran photo.

Ken Watkins – Injured during game – replaced by Robertson – and not in photo.

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