Preston Football Club – 1938 Team Photo

1938 Preston blog photos (boyles) copy

The 1938 photo, courtesy of Boyles Football Photos

Back Row: Unknown*, Thomas ‘Garmah’ Jones^, Edwin Gilbert*, Kevin Brown*, Norm Campbell, Unknown, Bob Muir, Bill Maslen, Bill Spokes (not playing, in white shirt and jacket)

Middle Row: Joe Beagley, Jack Clarke, Wyn Murray, Rex Job#, Alf Roach, Unknown, George Colbane

Front Row: Les Ross, Frank Dowling, Aubrey Robinson^, Phil Dunstone

Thomas Jones^ – Updated August 2021. See below.

Edwin Gilbert* – Updated August 2021. See below.

Rex Job# – Updated May 2021. See below.

Aubrey Robinson^ – Updated April 2021. See below.

Kevin Brown* – See below.

Unknown* – Possibly Jack Haskett. Updated May 2021. See below.

Note : Identifications are made from information / photos that I’ve been able to find, and as always, happy to be corrected on any errors. Also happy to hear of any new identifications.

Story, with more details, of how this all came about, can be found here –

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Players of Round 10, 11 June, 1938 –

Game Details – The VFA Project

Rex Job – Middle row, fourth from left.

Update May 2021 –

With new information found on Bill Seedsman, (see 1939, 1940 and 1941) along with further scrutinising of a couple of photos, the realisation of an incorrect identification of Rex Job occurred.

I now believe, based on remaining unidentified players, as well as a match in the 1939 Prahran photo (the 1939 ‘Home’ photo isn’t as compelling), that Job is –

Middle row, fourth from left.

Wyn Murray – Middle row, third from left

Joe Beagley – Middle row, far left

1940 Coburg photo –

1941 GF photo –

Bill Maslen – Back row, far right,_Bill_’Socks’.php

Bob Muir – Back row, second from right

Norm Campbell – Back row, forth from right

1941 photo –

Frank Dowling – Front row, second from left

W. (Bill) Spokes – Back row, far right, in shirt and jacket

1939 Williamstown premiership photo (second front row, far right) – 

1944 Fitzroy seconds team photo.

Alf Roach – Middle row, third from right

George Colbane – Middle row, far right. (Based on being the only one who is only in the 1938 and 1939 Prahran photo)

Phil Dunstone – Front row, far right. (Based on height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Only photo found –

Les Ross – Front row, far left. (Based on height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Coached Parkside Amateurs in the VAFA and should be in this 1954 Premiership photo (not sure who he is) – 

Jack Clarke – Middle row, second from left. (Based on remaining unidentified players, height, and being in 1938, both 1939, 1940 and 1941 photos)

Aubrey Robinson – Front row, second from right.

At present (20 April, 2021), is listed as playing at Preston from 1935 to 1938 here –,_Aubrey.php

However, this article, (12 May, 1933) mentions him being from the juniors, along with a photo stating that he is ‘new’ –

Article (13 May, 1933), ‘Won in Last Term’, stating that A. Robinson was awarded the H. Porter trophy as best Preston player –

20 April, 1934, stating that A. Robinson will be moving to Queensland –

27 June, 1934, article stating that A. Robinson has returned from Queensland, and has been given a clearance to Footscray –

Article (3 April, 1935), ‘Many Robinsons at Preston’, stating Aubrey Robinson had returned to Preston from Footscray –

Len Robinson –,_Len.php

At present (20 April, 2021), is listed as having played at Preston from 1933 to 1935.

However these articles, 31 March, 23 April, and 25 April, 1934, mention him as a new recruit / new player –

It appears, therefore, that Len was only at Preston in 1934 and 1935, while Aubrey was there in 1933, and then from 1935 until 1938.

Having played most of the 1933 season, he can also be found in the 1933 team photo.

1933 Preston team photo_Brian Membrey(copy)

1933 Preston Team Photo

Aubrey Robinson – Middle row (squatting down), far left.

Thomas G. Jones – Back row, second or third from left. (Guess based on Jones and Gilbert being in both the 37 & 38 photos)

Update August 2021 –

April 1937, to Preston from North Melbourne –

April 1936, G. Jones, (and gets mentioned in several articles as G. Jones in 1936) the Pascoe Vale centre half back at North Melbourne –

Late May 1936, T. G. Jones finally receives a permit (had been declined earlier) to North Melbourne from Coburg and Pascoe Vale (several mentions of playing at Pascoe Vale in 1935 were found) –

Searching 1936 North Melbourne players by the name of Jones, revealed a player known as Garmah, which is short for Togarmah. The resultant research found –

Thomas Togarmah ‘Garmah’ Jones – 21-2-1915 – 20-12-1998. 178cms. North Melbourne 1936 (1 game). Preston 1937-39. Coburg 1940-41. Coached Pascoe Vale to a premiership in 1946.

The clearance from Preston to Coburg in 1940 –

ultimately led to the identification, when he was found in a 1940 Coburg team photo found here.

Which, incidentally, I’d had for quite some time, seeing as it helped me find Joe Beagley.

Edwin Gilbert – Back row, second or third from left. (Guess based on Gilbert and Jones being in both the 37 and 38 photos)

Update August 2021 –

With the identification of Thomas Jones, Back row, third from left.

Kevin Brown – CHB, Follower, flanks. Should be in 1937 photo, and will be in 1938 and 1940 photos. Identification (back row, fourth from left) based on what I believe to be a match with the 1940 photo, as well as the 1937 photo. Although the 1937 match isn’t as compelling.

Other players selected for R10, 1938 –

Jack Haskett – 25-6-1911 – 5-3-1992. 180cms. Played in winning GF for Northcote in 1934, with Harry Clack (1937). Northcote 1934 team photo; should be in it; but struggling to make a match –

Photo from Trove –

Update May 2021 –

1940 ‘Fags’ Team Photo, with names, from Trove* –

Will only be in 1938 photo.

*Suspicion is back row, far left, mainly based on remaining unidentified players.

Don Whitechurch – Played Flanks and Pockets.

Not listed on VFA Project, but named in paper day before –

Photo from Trove –

Will only be in 1938 photo.

R. Warren – Predominately played Centre Half Forward. Will only be in 1938 photo.

Appears to be Ron Warren, from Fitzroy’s supplementary list –

Players on the supplementary list seem to play in the sub-district league –

22 April, 1938, cleared from Fitzroy to Preston –

Playing key positions, probably has a bit of height –

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