Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 2

8 September - ho chi minh city Thursday 8 September Our Mai Linh driver pulls up at the airport exit toll booth, hands over the toll of 10 000 Dong, and we’re quickly out in the ‘real world’. The traffic, the chaos, the tooting, the rapid-fire gear changes, the everything.  It’s all so familiar, and … Continue reading Vietnam 2022 – Trip Report 2

Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 23

27 September - Can Gio - Saigon As it was asked to do, the alarm does its thing at 5.00am.  Lucky we were in bed early, although right now, it doesn’t really feel like it was that early. I’ll blame the rice wine. Slept alright, though.  Well, I did when I was actually sleeping. Had … Continue reading Cambodia / Vietnam 2019 – Trip Report 23

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 13

14 October - HCMC   Managed a bit of a sleep in.  Not much of one, but certainly up later than I had been over the last week and a half. Anyway, needed it, and Lisa certainly did, too. We head downstairs, and on the way, we meet Tung’s dog, Winnie. She’s a cute little … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 13

Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 12

13 October - Hanoi - HCMC Up early again; seems to be a recurring theme here….  Yet another pack up, and then it’s downstairs to sort out the hotel bill. That done, I take a seat and wait for my car.  While sitting there, one of the staff asks me why I’m not having any … Continue reading Vietnam 2017 – Trip Report 12